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I’ve always tended to be a “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of guy. There is so much “there there” right?! I want to soak it all in, discover it all, see new places. I kind of like being that guy with a lot of random facts or interesting frameworks that people hadn’t heard about and pose a potential solution to a problem. I may only have a cursory knowledge of them, but I have that knowledge nonetheless.Dillie-O

I read that and I thought, "wow, that sounds a lot like me".

Author: Khürt Williams

human being, information security architect, avid photographer, nature lover, F1 fanatic, drinker of beer.

2 thoughts on “Sight”

  1. Dillie-O says:

    Honored you'd link to that! It's a crazy thing isn't it?! So do you see yourself needing to focus more at all?

    1. Khürt says:

      Oh, I lack focus and feel overwhelmed with "distraction". My plan for 2014 was to focus my information security career efforts. I planned on leveraging my background developing web applications an obtain the Certified Secure Software Life-cycle Professional certificate. This would allow to address changes in the market that suggest that security attacks are occurring at the application layer. Guest what? I was accepted into a photography apprentice program that has a very long waiting list. So ... I got into that and now ... it's 2015 and I still need to work on the CSSLP.

      That's why I have the word inchoate in my blog's tagline.

      adjective: inchoate
      just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.
      synonyms: rudimentary, undeveloped, unformed, immature

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