It's America. Shut up.

‘Hello, Bernie? It’s America. Shut up.’ by SJ Skid

Firstly, in the likely event that you’ve already forgotten what you spewed forth to Al Jazeera English and David Frost, here is a reminder:


To Al Jazeera: “The US has been slow to get F1 because they want to see a profit before they start.”


To Frost (who we loved in the movie, Frost/Nixon): “Formula 1 will not be big in America. But Formula 1 will be in Russia for 2014, and in South Africa by 2013 even.”

Formula 1 is a not a popular motor-sport in the USA but it could be. As one commenter to this article suggested it's all about TV ratings. If the inaugural race had an American team or even just an American driver the attendance could climb. But I think Bernie's criticism has some truth to it. Sometimes American investors can be short-sighted and will only put money into things with a guaranteed return.

Author: Khürt Williams

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4 thoughts on “It's America. Shut up.”

  1. @khurtwilliams How about a cannonball run type live on the internet? I think that would be big. Legalities might be a problem though.

  2. I think F1 is desperate to land the US. We are their big untapped market. While our economy has hit the toilet, there is still plenty of money being spent on sports here. Bernie thinks he can waltz in and have everyone fawn over the fact that F1 is paying attention to us. The big problem is that motorsports in general is not as popular as stick-and-ball sports. Tony George successfully destroyed open wheel racing here by launching IRL to compete with CART. Fans moved on to NASCAR. The France family (namely Brian) has successfully destroyed NASCAR. These big motorsports attractions are now just a shell of their former glory. Bernie and F1 isn't going to change that.

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