Senior Advisor

My title is Senior Advisor. Outside of my employer, I’ve never seen it used to describe anything I do. Most of my peers in the industry go by the title Senior Analyst. At least with that title, people assume I spend my time analyzing something. But in fact, both titles are generic. They don’t mean much of anything. Even after I tell people I work in the Information Security department I still get blank looks. Senior Advisor in Information Security doesn’t improve understanding. I usually end up having to add more detail. Here’s what I came up with after a few years of trying to explain it.

I help develop security strategy, architecture, process and policy to manage the security risks associated with employee access to the Internet and serve as a advisor to the Network Security and Security Awareness programs.

Does it work? Sometimes. But then I have to explain Security Awareness.  Am I proud of what I do?  Yes, but explaining it to non-technical folks isn’t always simple.

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Husband, father, information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Princeton Township, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill.

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  1. Mind Of M said:

    You’re right. It isn’t simple. Most of the time I explain that I work with computers. The only problem with that is the very next question I usually get is “I’m having a problem with my PC, can you help?”

    • I have a follow-up for the “I’m having a problem with my PC, can you help?” question : “Do you have a Mac?”. If they answer yes, I say “Great. Take it to the Apple Store.” If they answer No, I say “Sorry. I only use Macs.”