52 Week Smartphone Challenge : Week 1 : Self-Portrait

📷 So I kicked off this project and panicked as people submitted entries. What have I done!? And I am already behind schedule. The struggle is real!?

Honestly, I had hoped to announce the project but officially start Week 1 with the start of the New Year. A friend on Facebook even launched a new blog just so that he could participate. But with the responses I received, I think I have little choice but to start early with this first post.

Week 1's topic is "Self-Portrait," and I had a few days to think about what I should post. I was inspired by the only deadhead in the hameau entry, but my work desk is a complete mess right now. My kitchen is being remodelled, so we had to move stuff around, some of which ended up on my desk to make space for contractors to work and to store the appliances, new cabinets, packaged food items, etc. A messy desk is not really "me."

I've been cooped up in the house for the last few months dealing with health challenges, and despite a dislike for cold weather, I much prefer being outside. This photo was taken on one of my short stumbling-walks around my neighbourhood. I like this image because it shows a line of what I think are eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) trees resisting, as evergreens do, against the cold of winter. This fast-growing, long-lived pine is among the vital pine species in North America, grown both for timber and for landscape purposes.

The image was captured with Adobe Lightroom Mobile, my current favourite camera app, and a filter was applied. I like Adobe Lightroom Mobile because all of my captured mobile images, including any edits, are automatically synced through Adobe Creative Cloud to my Adobe Lightroom Classic catalogue on my Mac.

One bit of housekeeping, I've edited the announcement post to include dates in the table so we can keep track of progress.

Now for round-up of the posts.

Submitted for my 52 Week Smartphone Challenge.

Author: Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.

3 thoughts on “52 Week Smartphone Challenge : Week 1 : Self-Portrait”

  1. I didn't think of looking for alternative camera apps: a lesson to take the mobile camera more seriously. So your challenge is already beginning to change the way I think of the phone.

  2. Lovely fall photo!

    1. Thank you.

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