Saturday Links Week 34

On subscriptions:

The important point is that, if you’re able to readily switch to a different app when your current one changes its payment model, then… do it. Just vote with your wallet, and don’t worry about it. To write a pissy review of an app you liked yesterday, in an attempt to vengefully damage their business, is pretty reprehensible, right? It’s like giving one star on Amazon because the delivery was late. Don’t be a child. Move on.Matt Gemmell


It’s an intentional tactic to disorient dialogue and recast the conversation in a new way. It’s goal is primarily to seek balance after a perceived imbalance has occurred.

People don’t appeal to “both sides” when things are actually equal. When everyone can look at a thing and see that Yep! They both do it! The appeal comes only when equality is not readily apparent. They want us to see it that way.NAZIS PROVE THE PROBLEM WITH BOTHSIDESISM via Pastor Drew Downs.

Disrespecting the customer.

I don’t always want to stick with Apple stuff just because it’s Apple. I may like Apple, and most of my career is based in Apple’s ecosystem. But we also have a couple Sonos speakers, I generally like them, and there are all sorts of great companies and products out there not made by Apple. My problem is that this trend of treating us like data batteries from The Matrix deeply disturbs me. It increasingly gives me pause about trusting many new companies and products.David Chartier

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