Montgomery Township, New Jersey


ruins, rocky hill, historic
Camera : NIKON D5100, Focal length : 24mm, Aperture : ƒ/8, Shutter speed : 1/60s, ISO : 100, Captured : 9 July, 2017, Copyright : © 2017 Khürt L. Williams,

Aczel reflects on a conversation he had with a Buddhist monk. “Everything is not everything — there is always something that lies outside of what you may think covers all creation. It could be a thought, or a kind of void, or a divine aspect. Nothing contains everything inside it.”

He goes on to conclude that “Here was the intellectual source of the number zero. It came from Buddhist meditation. Only this deep introspection could equate absolute nothingness with a number that had not existed until the emergence of this idea.”Farnam Street

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Husband, father, Information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Princeton Township, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill.

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