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Reward myself

Earlier this week the Senior Director of my department presented me, my boss and a colleague with a company award of distinction for our work in what they call “The Internet Sweep Project”. The award included a monetary component! I think I see an Apple Cinema display or MacBook in my future. I am trying to decide between a MacBook (the MacBook Pro are too much for my needs) and an Apple Cinema Display. A 20″ display would suit me just nicely. Currently I have a 17″ Dell Trinitron that I purchased 5 years ago with a new Dell system. The resolution and quality are superb but…it is time I had something less buly on my desk. A 20″ wide screen display would suit my programming needs (programmers like large wide displays). I took a look at the specifications for the MacBook and MacBook Pro and decided that the Pro is more laptop than I need. Someone at the office brought in a new 17″ MacBook Pro. The notebook looks huge. I can not see myself lugging around something that large. A 13.3″ screen seems small at first but I want something lightweight. The current Dell Inspiron my wife uses weighs as much as a small child. Of course I could add $200 and get both but…
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Husband, father, Information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Princeton Township, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill.

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