Reuben's Brews's Hop Tropic

I am drinking a Hop Tropic by Reuben's Brews at Montgomery/ Rocky Hill NJ. Home Sweet Home.

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Catching up on a missed checkin.

Beer: Hop Tropic
Style: Pale Ale - American
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.2%
IBU: 48
My rating: 35
Venue: Montgomery/ Rocky Hill NJ. Home Sweet Home, NJ
Brewery: Reuben's Brews, Seattle, WA, United States
Brewer's notes: Zeeks Pizza - We first met the Zeeks team back in 2010, when we were fortunate enough to pour at the commercial beer festival that started it all for us. From that day on Zeeks loved our brews, and when we opened in 2012, they became one of our first ever customers. After many months of R&D, in 2015 Zeek's new house beer - Hop Tropic - became reality. Hop Tropic has since gone on to win multiple awards, including a coveted silver medal at the North American Brewers Awards and Best IPA of 2015 in SIP Magazine's "Best of Northwest." Cheers!

Author: Khürt Williams

Gen X-er near Princeton University in Montgomery Township, New Jersey, with a passion for aquariums, terrariums, technology, and photography. I love hiking in the woods, and my eclectic musical tastes span soca, Afrobeat, calypso, 1990s rap, grunge rock, and alternative genres.

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