Rethinking MobileMe and iPod Touch as ultra-portable

I find that I use my iPod Touch as a music/video player only incidentally. With the wireless option and the app store my iPod Touch is more of a PDA/game machine. I carry it around the house and now use my laptop for other things ( editing photos and video, etc. ). At work, we now have a wireless guest network setup ( separate from the corporate LAN ) and when I am near a conference room or sitting neat the cafe I can connect and update my iPod. I have a few video and audio podcast that I follow.
Rethinking MobileMe and iPod Touch as ultra portable %name

I signed on for MobileMe (formerly .Mac ) for one year. I was hoping to see the value but … I think now I realize that it’s useful for my mom or grandma. With the Google Redesigned extension for Firefox, Google Calendar and Gmail are better looking than MobileMe ( in my opinion ). With JungleDisk and Amazon S3 I get the same thing as iDisk ( for a lot less ). And with Plaxo ( Google Calendar now has CalDAV support ) , I can sync my Mac Address Book and iCal between Google and my Mac ( for free ).
Rethinking MobileMe and iPod Touch as ultra portable amazon s3 bucket

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3 responses on “Rethinking MobileMe and iPod Touch as ultra-portable”

  1. @Wes G. Thanks for visiting. What I like most about the iPod Touch is that I can listen to music, check email or surf the web at the same time.

  2. Hello Khurt, I found your blog from MacUser and I like this post! Like you I find myself using my iPod more for the communication aspect than the music/media tool it is. At school it is much easier to whip out the iPod and check email than plug in my MacBook.

    Good work!

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