Restaurants, bars, gyms, breweries are shut down in NJ

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Depending on how long this lasts, small business will fold. I know many of the owners of the local businesses, some of whom are my friends, will be impacted.
I know the pandemic will pass but the economic impact to these local businesses, some of which have been around decades, will be significant. New Jersey is nearing a total shutdown.


  1. One of my cousins has a restaurant but here in Germany, for now, they will stay opened. Anyway, I thought about the financial impact too if they need to close. I hope the government will help your small businesses and I hope it would be same with our government if ours need to close.

    1. It’s the USA. The government = the people. I doubt that the government officials can provide effective aid to all these independently owned local businesses without raising taxes on “the people”. Maybe the government can offer to not collect business and sales taxes for the fiscal quarter.

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