Removing SNAP Pro

Posted on Sunday, 3rd December 2017 11:06 AM EST

UPDATE: Found a link on NextSctipts' website that suggests that Google+ syndication support was never good. I will stop using SNAP Pro for POSSE content to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I feel like an idiot spending money on this shite. I threw bridgy under the bus in my haste. I'll re-enable that plugin.

UPDATE 2: I found another page listing even more issues.

My social streams are all fucked up. My twitter stream has a lot of entries that are nothing more than links to my main page. The Google+ stream has may entries that nothing but JSON code and links back to nowhere. Ugh!!!

I don't know which of these plugins is causing this but I'm moving back to JetPack Publicize.


3 thoughts on “Removing SNAP Pro”

  1. Khürt, I can feel your pain. I know that SNAP just made a recent major release that changed a lot of it's code base, so I've been half purposely waiting to update while they work out some of the kinks. I'm just about to download the most recent and test it out on a server before I upgrade to the latest version on my production site, since the old version is still doing a relatively good job and it's a lot of overhead to update/upgrade going into the holidays.
    There's a frequent phrase that many in the chat will use: #ManualUntilItHurts by which they mean try doing everything manually to work on getting the output and workflow to work the way you want it to and only then try automating things based on your manual experience.
    There are many ways of doing syndication, so before settling on one, try doing things by hand for a bit while you're testing out other potential options. I often find that even though I've got automated means of doing things very quickly, I actually often prefer the manual methods sometimes, particularly when it means I know exactly what the output will be. With POSSE you'll find that with some of the automated means, the easier it is to set up, the less options you'll have for control, while the more control you get means a much more difficult set up.
    Try a few options and then go with what works for your needs until it drives you so crazy you have to change it. In the meanwhile, documenting the issues and problems either on your site or in issue queues will slowly help things get better.
    In the end it can't be much worse than people who are syndicating their Facebook content to Twitter that simply shows up as just the raw URLs and nothing else. 😉

    1. Hi Chris. Up until recently , I manually syndicated everything except, at times even twitter and Facebook. But it was a PITA and time consuming. As you suggest I want to take a step back to manual. Until it hurts again.

  2. Photo by Christopher Burns.
    I am grateful to David Shanske, Matthias Pfefferle and others who have put skill and effort into making building and IndieWeb WordPress site easier. I can’t imagine trying to write microformats and webmentions into my web site by hand. Yikes!
    But as someone with a background in tech (and a former web developer), reading through the Wiki was a bit rough. I think Rob Fairhead has a point that the experience feels a bit geeky. I don’t mind but I think a non-technical person would need to hire a consultant to IndieWebify their website1.
    This website has been around for twelve years. I have POSSE stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and LinkedIn for years. My efforts now are mostly focused on webmentions. Somethings work and work well. Some things do not and the wiki needs an update. Perhaps we need a breakout for Stable and Experimental IndieWeb. I am only now starting to understand my self, what works best to be POSSEd (e.g Twitter, Facebook) from WordPress and what should not (Instagram, Foursquare).
    If you can understand that last paragraph then you’re already “in-the-know”. That last sentence needs a translator to bring these concepts to regular folks.

    No. I am not looking to start a side project. ?

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