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[Instapaper](, [Read It Later](, [Readability]( are web based services allow you to save long web pages to read later, when you have time, on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle. These web based services have native iOS that have become popular on mobile devices but desktop operating systems have gone without.

On the Mac, the only option has been using the web based version Instapaper or Read It Later. [Read Later]( is free app that was recently released in the app store that offers a native OS solution.

#What is Read Later?#
>Read Later gives you access to your [Read It Later]( or [Instapaper]( accounts in a single easy-to-use application. Within Read Later you can manage your read later account without logging in to the services via browser.

This Mac OS X app syncs articles from [Read It Later]( or [Instapaper]( However, to use the Instapaper service you’ll need a paid subscription. Instapaper Pro users can use the app; regular Instapaper users will have to pay $1 a month.

Similar to the iOS apps, Read Later provides adjustable fonts, text sizes[^largertext] line spacing and margins.

Read Later for Mac OS X Screen Shot 2012 03 03 at 2 37 38 PM godxby

[Read Later]( has support for archiving articles to services like Evernote, Pinboard, and Delicious and has sharing option for social sites like Twitter and Facebook[^googleplus]. You can set these up via the application’s preferences panel. The application also supports OS X Lion’s full screen mode.

Read Later for Mac OS X Screen Shot 2012 03 03 at 11 24 33 AM bwflas

You can also view the article in it’s original form.

Read Later for Mac OS X Screen Shot 2012 03 03 at 11 25 08 AM rbyzql

I prefer reading my saved articles on my [iPad]( but sometimes my iPad needs charging. During those times I can catch up on my reading with [Read Later]( Read Later is free in the [Mac App Store](

[^googleplus]: Google has to start making more progress on an API for third-party apps to send links directly to the social network.

[^largertext]: I like larger fonts for easy and fast reading. This is a technique I learned from Williams DeLamater, CEO and founder of [eReadia](

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