Quitting Family Sharing

David Sparks:

Family Sharing is not ready for the Sparks family. I’ve spent way too much time trying to make this all work and this weekend I’m officially throwing in the towel on Family Sharing until it gets better.

There are just 3 iOS devices in the Blanc family: my iPhone, my wife’s iPhone, and my iPad. They’re signed in with the same Apple ID for the store, and with our own Apple ID for email and calendar. It works great… for now.Shawn Blanc

The Williams family has 8 iOS devices: One iPad and iPhone for each of the four of us (two adults and two children). We each use a separate Apple ID for email and calendar but share a single Apple ID (mine) for purchases. We love being able to keep a shared Family calendar.

The “Ask Permission” feature has not worked as we’ve expected it too. I never get any notification when my kids want to purchase an app (they are willing to use pocket money for apps) so they still have to find me and get me to enter the iTunes account password. My wife gets the notifications but when she attempts to approve the request she is prompted to enter her Apple ID password.

Perhaps I did not set it all up correctly. I’m sticking with it for now.