The April Blog Carnival topic from Diabetes Social Media Advocacy is “local support groups”.

Local support group? What’s that? Never heard of it! What? Yes, I’m being silly. What I mean to say is – there are none near me. I could start one but I think it would have one member.

Two questions were asked:

Describe your ideal diabetes “support group”

Since I don’t have a diabetes support group I’m not sure what a support group is like. I guess I’d want a place where I would feel welcome and comfortable being among people like myself — people who were diagnosed with diabetes late in life. I have latent auto-immune diabetes in adults and the few people I personally know with Type 1 diabetes either were diagnosed young (like the CIO of the company) or are still in lower middle school (one of the girls in my kids martial arts class).

I would want to be surrounded by a group of people who are interested in learning the facts. I’m not patient with ignorant people who are unwilling to learn. I would also want to be around people who know more about diabetes than I do.

I would also want a support group that is local. I don’t mind driving but in New Jersey a 10 miles trip can take up to 30 minutes in one direction.

What would you discuss?”

I expect topics would be all over the map. Everything from the cost of diabetes — I’ve got good insurance coverage through my employers but others might not have that benefit — to dealing with family, spouses and coworkers. I would ask for tips on getting around the insurance company to get an insulin pump (with an A1C between 5 and 6 they don’t see the need). I would want to know how to deal with the anger that flares up once in a while. Anger that despite years of hearing the same stupid refrain about the cure being within reach, I’m still injecting insulin.

I would also like to discuss coffee, and beer, and tech and family. I want it to be human.

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