The Ollivierre-McLaren Family Project

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At maternal Grandfather's parents home on Monkey Hill. As my mom said, " ...if you remember the house and tank and a pond before you start going up to papa’s home on top monkey hill."
"Because I grew up Carriacou I didn’t spend long times Bequia, but I do remember granny. I know she was from Mt. Pleasant and came to La Pompe to live when she got married to Grandpa.

Left to right: Maternal Great Grandfather Harold Llewelyn Ollivierre, Maternal Great Grand Mother Hillie Ollivierre, Maternal Great Uncle Earl Ollivierre.
Harold Llewelyn Ollivierre, Great Grand Father (Deceased 1971)

My grandparents Louis George Ollivierre and Mary Victoria McLaren.

Left to right: Louis George Ollivierre, Mary Victoria McLaren
Left to right: Louis George Ollivierre, Mary Victoria Ollivierre.
My maternal grandfather, Louis George Ollivierre, aka "Papa" (Deceased 1986)
My maternal grandmother, Mary Victoria, aka "Mama" (Deceased 2006).

My mother, Helena Victoria Ollivierre, and her grandfather, Francis McLaren.

Left to right: Helena Victoria Ollivierre, Harold Llewelyn Ollivierre

Photographs of my mother, Helena Victoria Williams (né Ollivierre) which I assume were taken years apart.

Helena Victoria Ollivierre (mom)
Helena Victoria Ollivierre (mom)
Helena Victoria Ollivierre (mom) on Carriacou while attending the funeral of her grandfather, Harold Llewelyn Ollivierre.
Helena Victoria Williams (mom)

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