Picasa Mac Uploader and iPhoto Exporter Error

Over on the Official Google Blog there is an announcement that the Picasa and Mac development teams have released software that allows easier uploading of photos to the Picasa Web Albums site. The software, Picasa Web Albums Exporter for iPhoto and Picasa Web Albums Uploader, is delivered as one download. The first is a stand alone uploader where the user can simple drag and drop a photo to upload to the Picasa web site. The other is a plug-in for Apple's iPhoto photo management software that allows the user to export any photo to Picasa web albums. I am sure the software is great but I have been unable to get it working. I get some strange error message: "Sign-In failed (network error)". Turning off the OS-X firewall did not help and I could find not posting on the Picasa Google Group.


Turns out the culprit was the cerficate system in the Keychain Access application. For some reason OS-X does not trust the google.com's cert and with OCSP and CRL turnes on the system would fail. Turned off OCSP and CRL and now the Picasa Web Albums Exporter for iPhoto works.

Author: Khürt Williams

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  1. chr says:

    Bullsh.! - after needing 10 minutes to figure out what you are talking about and finding the OSCP ans CRL in the keychain preferences I figured they are already turned off, turning them on or off does not change anything.

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