Peter Thiel: We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education.

Thiel isn’t totally alone in the first part of his education bubble assertion. It used to be a given that a college education was always worth the investment– even if you had to take out student loans to get one. But over the last year, as unemployment hovers around double digits, the cost of universities soars and kids graduate and move back home with their parents, the once-heretical question of whether education is worth the exorbitant price has started to be re-examined even by the most hard-core members of American intelligentsia. via Michael Immordino

I often worry about how I'm going to help my kids pay for college and still save for retirement. My wife and I joke that we might have to retire somewhere cheap, like the South Pole. It took us years to pay off our student loans. It might take our kids a lifetime to pay off theirs. I'm planning to steer them in the direction of entrepreneurship.

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