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The Performancing extension for Firefox is awesome. Normaly I log into my blog to do edits and posts. I expect that I should be able to do everything from withing the browser especially now AJAX (aka Web 2.0) is built into most web applications. This extension frees the poster from first navigating to the blogging site. At any point I just click the little icon in the lower right of the Firefox window and start typing. Almost all blogging API are supported including my favourites Blogger and WordPress.

So what formatting options does Performancing for Firefox have?

  • Quotes
  • Underlines,Italics and Bold
  • Resize Text (Small and Big)
  • Insert Links
  • Text Colour
  • Text alignment (left, center, right, and justified)

One can also insert images by URL only and switch between a WYSIWYG type editor or HTML source. Performancing for Firefox 79348827 eccacb1480 Their is also a preview feature so the user can see what the post would look like when complete. On the left of the editor window one can change the editors settings, such as how the editor displays in the browser and content styling. Performancing for Firefox 79348870 0b92525b38

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On the right of the edit window you can select the Blogs tab to the blog that you are posting to. When posting one can choose from the categories available for that post, assuming that one’s blogging software supports that feature. WordPress does but Blogger does not.

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Performancing keeps a list of the most recent posts. You can select one of these for editing. Images can be added to a post either by clicking the image linking icon and entering he image URL or simply dragging from the desktop to the image editor. I found Performancing for Firefox to be useful and I will be adding it to my bloggers toolbox.

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