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beaulebens/people-places by Beau Lebens (GitHub)

A WordPress plugin that provides you with some taxonomies for keeping track of People and Places, across a variety of posts. Specifically intended to work with Keyring Social Importers.

Install and activate it on a WordPress installation along with Keyring + Keyring Social Importers and it will dynamically create and associate "people" and "place" entries in a taxonomy to the posts it creates from your social media. It also gives you some basic tools for merging terms, so that as you end up with multiple entries for the same person (from different networks), you can merge them together, and start compiling an aggregated view of your interactions with a person across the web.

Since it's all done as normal taxonomies, you have all the helper functions and template tags available to be able to make some interesting archive pages, cross-linking between posts, etc.

An interesting plugin that may add value to the Keyring Social Ring importers that I have been using Foursquare.

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