Pentax P3

I ran into a challenge with the 100 Day Project this week. Yesterday and today were both overcast days. Full cloud cover. Today it rained. What do I, an avid outdoor photographer, shoot on days like these when the sky is dark, grey and damp?

Today I tried walking outside around the strip mall. I didn't see anything worthy of shooting. I got in the car and drove to the Quick Chek hoping I would see something that I could work with. Nothing.

Recently I have felt a bit nostalgic for some older "tech".   Last weekend I asked some of my friends on Facebook where I could find a colour film. I got some good suggestions but they all involved travel. I don't have the time this week for a trip, even if just one to the next county. Last night I ordered a roll of Kodak Professional Ektar 100.

Hopefully, my Pentax P3 still works. I bought the P3 for a photography course I took in my sophomore year of college. I shot lot black & white film back then. I think I still have some negative and prints in the basement somewhere.

I didn't check if the battery in the P3 has a charge. But if it does, I am curious to see how well I can coach usable images from a film camera.

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