One thing I’ve missed this year is playing “dodge the pedestrian” on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Submitted for the 100DaysToOffload project.

Author: Khürt Williams

a human, an application security architect, avid photographer, nature lover, and formula 1 fan who drinks beer.

2 thoughts on “Pedestrian”

    1. Excellent capture of "real life" on the Brooklyn Bridge. I've visited many times and on frigid winter evenings (like evening these images were taken) and I am still amazed at how many people walk that bridge "just for fun".

      here's a link to the full set from January 2019:

      I earned my street photography skills on the streets of Philadelphia during the spring and summer of 2019. While waiting outside for the valet at the Bodine Center for Radiation Therapy to fetch the car, I would walk slowly up and down the street with my Fuji capturing whatever I could.

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