Paul C. Buff Studio Lighting Kit for Sale

UPDATE: This has been sold. Wow! That was fast.

A few years ago, I bought an AlienBees Studio Lighting Kit. I had this naive idea that I would learn portrait photography and build a small side business shooting family and individual portraits. As it turns out, I wouldn’t say I like portrait photography or heavy portable strobes, stands and assorted equipment that’s needed for studio portrait photography.

The equipment was used occasionally. I used it to take portraits of my kids for the yearbook or to do photo booth events. But mostly, the equipment was stored in the basement where it went unused for over a year. It recently dawned on me that I should get rid of this equipment.

I am selling the entire setup as a studio kit bundle for $1072 (excluding shipping). This is a $400 discount for the same items purchased new from Paul C. Buff. The items are gently used but fully functional. If you live in the Princeton area and want to schedule a meeting to see equipment, please let me know in the comments below. This stuff is too heavy to be worth shipping.

The CyberSync™ transmitter/receiver pair may be used to trigger all Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ studio flash units as well as most other flash brands employing a standard phone jack (RJ11) or mini phone jack sync input. The connection to the flash units using an “H” style connections is possible with suitable adapter cables.

The 51-inch Parabolic Umbrella Extreme Silver with Buff Speedring and PLM White Front Diffuser Fabric bounces the light from the flash unit, retaining high efficiency with a wide-angle of coverage and results in an extremely even, low profile, front-fed softbox. The soft silver fabric produces a controlled, feathered falloff with very soft shadows, perfectly round catchlights and an added specular punch over white umbrellas and softboxes.

The 13-foot Heavy Duty Light Stand maximum height, 4-section light stand, with a 43-inch maximum footprint. This heavy-duty stand is suitable to hold all Paul C. Buff™ lights, including heavy accessories such as softboxes and octa boxes. The stand weighs a total of 6 pounds and will hold 25+ pounds, collapsing to 42.5 inches for travel.

Item Quantity Price
AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit
AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit
2 $448.00
CyberSync™ Receiver - CSR
CyberSync™ Receiver - CSR
2 $112.00
Extreme Silver PLM™ Umbrella
51-inch Parabolic Umbrella Extreme Silver PLM™ Umbrellas with Buff Speedring
2 $80.00
PLM™ White Front Diffusion Fabric 2 $21.00
Light Stand
13-foot Heavy Duty Light Stand
2 $112.00
Paul C. Buff™ Single Light Carrying Bag 2 $21.00
CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 1 $48.00
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
1 $231.00
Total $1073.00

Author: Khürt Williams

a human, an application security architect, avid photographer, nature lover, and formula 1 fan who drinks beer.