"Park"-ing Lot

My client's offices are located in an old movie theater converted to an office building. The office is on the second floor. On the first floor is the Jersey College of Nursing. The nurses always seem to be outside, hanging out chatting and smoking.

The offices and college are in a strip mall. The larger of stores in the strip mall offer bargain sale clothing, groceries, home furnishings, and tools. The mall has seen better days.

NIKON D5100_20140818_1707-Edit

Near one of the exits to the mall is a large parking lot. At the far end is an abandoned lot. The building that was on the lot was removed long ago, and weeds have begun to take over. In between the cracks of the slab foundation, I found this flowering plant. I think it's a wild yarrow. I'm not sure.

This little bit of beauty is an otherwise asphalt gray landscape is my little "park." Last year, I came here quite often. This year, I've been too busy with work to venture out at lunch.

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Author: Khürt Williams

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