Self Portrait, Carnegie Lake, Princeton, New Jersey
Hello, I’m Khürt Williams. I’m an information security professional, former web developer1, avid photographer, and technology geek. I’m also a craft ale and coffee fanatic. This weblog is where I share my incoherent and random thoughts and rants about technology and photography geekery, coffee, craft ale, diabetes, and life.

And borrowing almost verbatim from Chris Aldrich:

I use this website as my primary hub for online presence and communication. I try to follow the principles of the IndieWeb movement by publishing on my own site and owning all of my own data. When I participate in social silos (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), I post here first and syndicate duplicates out to them (POSSE). These posts either originate from here or my social stream. You’re welcome to subscribe to or consume them in any manner or on any platform you prefer.

  1. Now I only write code for myself. 

2 responses on “About”

  1. Hi Khurt,
    I’m a friend of Chris Pedrick, I’m in need of someone that can put together some documentation to satisfy a security assessment of one our clients. We are a medical records company.
    Please get back to me at your earliest convenience if interested. Bill @ 215-450-5714


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