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Today's Desk.pm community writing prompt is "Do you go back and edit/update old blog posts? What is your philosophy or practice in that regards?"

Interesting because that's just what I did this morning. I reviewed some older posts and made some changes. Some of my older posts were not formatted correctly. They looked horrible with the current blog template. In my earlier days of blogging I did not do much spelling and grammar checking and it shows in my content.

Some of my image links were broken. I used to host my images on Amazon and when I moved away from that many of the image links were broken. The posts looked horrible. One post was about about a vacation I took two years ago with my wife's extended family. All the images showed up at blank spots in between the text.

Sometimes I go back to edit a post and update it with new information or with corrected information.

To quote Dan Langendorf:

Ten-plus years ago the conventional thinking was you should never update a blog. Write. Post. Leave the typos and content alone. If you have to make changes, use strike-through to note where changes were made.
That’s poppycock. And lazy. If you want to fix a typo or make a change, do it. You’ll look smarter and more refined, not like an ignorant schlep who doesn’t know the difference between affect and effect or there and their.

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  1. […] I’ve spent half of this Saturday morning at home editing some old “uncategorized” posts here over the blog, and removing duplicates that has come from importing the Posterous space I had here. Then I took five minutes of relax opening Mr. Reader and having a look at my friend’s feed. Among those here’s Khürt’s one: Old posts. […]

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