Oh your drill must do great root canals.

A talk with Rob Hart, the photographer behind "Laid Off From the Sun-Times" | The Daily Dot (The Daily Dot)

A camera is just a tool. A carpenter using a hammer and me using a hammer are going to get different results. I can use a hammer but I don’t know how to make a table. For me it’s not about the camera, it’s about the skill and the storytelling ability.

Via a lesser photographer

I see so many people -- especially parents -- with DSLR cameras all set to "Auto". In my opinion, they've bought very expensive point-n-shoot cameras.

How many people come up to me and say, “Oh, your camera’s nice. I bet it takes great photos.” Yeah, it does. Because I’m using it. No one would say to a dentist, “Oh your drill must do great root canals.” Photojournalists aren’t replaceable. Photography isn’t about smarts, it’s about feeling and understanding emotions. Some reporters are really good at that, but most of them aren’t.

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