I relate to how you’re feeling. The pandemic hit just after we’d gotten settled in Colorado. Just as I was planning flights back to Minnesota and Wisconsin, my plans were dashed. I haven’t seen either of my parents — outside of Zoom calls of course — in nearly two years. This will be our second Thanksgiving spent alone in a house with just the cats and the dog. Christmas celebrations have also been cancelled making the holiday season all the bleaker.

I have found a lot of solace in my photography this year. It would seem you have too. My fiancé, who I once had to beg to let me take portraits of, now hops at the opportunity to get dress up and get out of the house even if just to take a few pictures. I’m thankful to have her. It would be much harder doing this alone.

Stay strong. This too shall pass and we will be stronger for it. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Until then, I’ve got my camera to keep me busy. Best wishes! – Tobias