November 18th, 2011   Tunnel vision, 20111118 NIKON D40 5378 920x1362

Today was my birthday. I took the day off so that I could sleep in and catch up on some Netflix. Bhavana made me breakfast and later we had lunch at the One 53 in Rocky Hill. Today was the last day of the lobster and beer special. After lunch we took a stroll along the Delaware & Raritan. The air was cold even though the sun shone brightly through the trees.

We did a few errands before coming home to wait for the kids. Shaan knows I don’t like paper cards so this year he used Keynote to make me a card. Wow! Kiran made her own funny and gross birthday card. I love those kids.

For dinner we ate in from the local Burger King and finished up our night with a movie — the Zoo Keeper. I had a good day.