you are more much more than the sum of the parts

And it’s never about the resume with these types of folks (or it shouldn’t be). Although they may feel the pressure to somehow cobble together their experiences into something that could be easily read on a sheet of paper the reality is that they are much more wide and deep than any paper could do them justice.

A good dose of courage is what is necessary for many of these folks (including myself) where you realize that you are more much more than the sum of the parts, the sum of the experiences, and that the intangibles are the real things that really move things forward for an organization.

via It’s Not About the Resume — John Saddington

I agree. This is the game we play today, especially if you are a 45 and older professional. With the advent of resume engines and hiring manager with only five minutes to review the candidate resume, the process is a frustrating one for everyone involved.

Author: Khürt Williams

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