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An X-T3, After a Month With No Camera by Charlene Winfred (FUJILOVE,FUJILOVE)

I’ve had a smartphone on me, which has a camera, but I’ve never enjoyed using the damned thing to make pictures. I like using the phone for many things, post-processing being one of them, but photographing? Ugh. It’s always an unpleasant and annoying experience: a device that begs to be dropped because it’s stupid to hold, and that wants to do all these things I don’t want it to do… a right bloody pain. Using a phone removes much of what I love about using a camera – a tactile process of decision-making that involves buttons, dials, lenses, etc. At the end of all of that, the picture that results might not be the one I was after, but it makes achieving each desired frame infinitely satisfying.


(I know, I get to hate on shooting with my phone all I want, precisely because I normally have sensational camera gear. If I didn’t, it might be a different story but at this point a phone camera is not a real camera to me.)

I think I make great photos with my iPhone. But, it’s not the primary camera I shoot with.

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