Nilima's Birthday

In the header image, from left to right, in order of their birth, are Shaan, Tejus, Nandani, and Kiran. Unfortunately, Nandini’s younger sister, Maya, couldn't attend.

Shaan and Tejus, the boys in the picture, share a special bond growing since their babyhood. Shaan is particularly vocal about his friendship with Tejus, often sharing stories and moments about their time together.

Kiran and her cousin Nandani also share a close and affectionate relationship. Bhavna and Nilima, who are sisters, enjoy dressing them in similar outfits, highlighting their familial bond. Despite being just three months older, Nandani looks noticeably taller than Kiran.

.Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 10.6 mm, f/2.0, ISO141
.Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 8.1 mm, f/2.0, ISO141

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