New York woman visited by police after researching pressure cookers online

In 2017, a Long Island, New York, resident was visited by police after someone at her employer reviewed her web search history. I think she and her family are lucky there last names don't seem "foreign." It seems 'trying to learn how to cook lentils' can be construed as a possible preparation for terrorism.

I found that article via Bruce Schneier's post on insider threat detection.

The "if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about" theory, that some people with their heads up their arses keep reiterating, can't be defended.

I love this from a commenter on the original Burce Schneier post.

The history of human civilization can be viewed as a power struggle between people and the various groups with which they identify. A person or groups relative levels of "power" can be conceptualized in terms of a zero-sum game, because it is such that there must be winners and losers, oppressed and oppressors. The evolution of technology has empowered the individual like never before. Currently, I can do the work of tens of thousands of men everyday, if I have tractor. If I have produce to sell, with an automobile I can drive to a large farmers market 50 miles away to hawk it. Who needs a storefront for a service based business when I can just make a website. Who needs delivery trucks when I can just have it shipped. Or perhaps I'd like to eliminate a large number of people for some perceived wrong. Start up the old 76 chevy and find a crowded sidewalk (Might I add, mass carnage without me having to get out of my car seat Thumbs Up). Sooo...We have a natural inclination to engage in power struggles, while at the same time all involved parties grow more empowered by the day. At some point, any dominate group will desire to suppress any threat to there dominance. Simple as that. Thoughtcrime appears to me to be a likely outcome of all of this...

Emphasis mine.

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