Thanks for the tips. I certainly want to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. I am more interested in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system than muscle building.

My challenge is that I have not exercised, have limited free during the work day, and have Type 1 diabetes (autoimmune).

My commute to home is 30-45 minutes in terrible traffic and by the time I get home I have no motivation to go to a gym. I just want to eat dinner. I get to work for 8 AM which means leaving home by 7:20 AM, and with diabetes, eating healthy (no quick breakfast), which means I get up around 6 AM. Then my other excuse is that if I go after work (after 5 PM), then I'll be eating dinner late and that does not always time well with safe Type 1 diabetes management. Third excuse. Gyms in this area are expensive.

Fourth, I don't like the showers and changing area in the gyms. I don't feel comfortable being naked in front of strangers. I just don't. There is no shower facility or changing room facility at the office.

Going to work later is not an option. Leaving work earlier is not an option. I work as a consultant. Lost time = loss income. The hours between 8 AM and 5 PM are my working hours.

So here's what I think would work. A gym that is close (as in 5 minutes) to the office so that I can exercise on my lunch hour and that has shower facilities and changing rooms that are private. Or a gym that is close to home so that I can come home first have dinner, then go out to exercise. The gym membership needs to be reasonable. I don't want to pay for their Olympic size swimming pool. I don't want to pay for their CrossFit gym. I just need an exercise bike and someway to do sit ups.

Last year I almost joined a fitness program with my sister-in-law, but when I talked to the trainer about my Type 1 diabetes, the trainer made so many ignorant statements that I knew I could not trust her. I am concerned that they will all be equally ignorant.

Exercise and Type 1 diabetes are a challenge to manage together.