Some people like to name their vehicles, but I like to name my electronics and vehicles. Maybe it’s because I’ve loved computers since I was a kid, or by giving them a name, I mentally take better care of the devices, I’m not sure. Sean Patterson

I used to name my things as well. I have named my cars and computer — but not cameras, phones or tablets — for almost two decades. In the past, I have used names from Japanese Anime and science fiction movies. My first car after graduate school was a Honda Civic named Tetsuo. My second car, Acura Integra, was name Kaneda. Both names are from the same movie, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo. I guess that movie left a lasting impression on me.

A colleague of mine named his servers after coffee and cars. He named his low-end servers and his workstations French Press, Espresso, Cafe Au Lait, Cappuccino etc. He named his more powerful servers after American muscle cars such as Mustang, Olds 444, Viper etc. I started naming my computer too. My computers were named after characters from the Matrix such as Morpheus, Neo, Trinity, Dozer etc. I know. Cheesy, right?

Sometimes I re-used names. The current car, Honda Accord, is Tetsuo II.

For some reason, I have never named my Macs creatively. I have had several, but they are always just iMac or MacBook. This wasn’t a conscious decision. It's something that just happened. Maybe it t’s time to start doing that again. Where shall I start?

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