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My Top Mac Applications

Om Malik has posted a list of his top 10 Mac applications.  I use most of what he posted but it started me thinking about my top apps.  For anyone who cares, here they are:

  • Camino – I agree with Om on this one.  Firefox was my favorite but I was becoming increasingly annoyed by it’s slow performance even in a 2GHz MacBook and Safari was not extensible.  With the inclusion of some fantastic plugins from Pimp My Camino I have all I need.
  • iChat – I have used the Jabber (XMPP) protocol to integrate my Google Talk, MSN, AIM, and Yahoo instant messenger accounts.
  • NetNewsWire – I fire this one for a daily does of Google, Web Worker Daily, and MacWorld.
  • Qumana – Simple, capable blogging application.
  • QuickSilver – I would not be as production without this application launcher.
  • Parallel’s Desktop for Mac – This one makes my MacBook more valuable.  I can run Windows XP, Vista and Ubuntu Linux all one one machine (although not all at the same time).
  • CrossOver – For when I just need to run Quicken for Windows (because Quicken for Mac SUCKS!!!)

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