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My (planned) RSS Setup

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I don’t know Chris Gonzales or David Sparks but I since Chris copied David I’m going to copy them both.

The Engine — Feed Wrangler

I hadn’t picked an RSS service until after reading Chris and David’s article. Like Chris, Reeder is my favourite RSS reader. The iPhone version was updated earlier this week to support Feedly and Feed Wrangler.

I had already been using Reeder with Feedbin and then Fever. Feedbin initially had some performance issues but the developer migrated to higher performing servers. Fever is performing badly. I’m using it with Readkit and it often takes a few minutes before I see any content in the app.

So … Feedbin cost $20/year and Fever was a one time fee of $30. Feed Wrangler will be $19/year and Chris, David and Shawn like it. I plan on using Feed Wrangler for now.

iPad — Reeder

Reeder’s developer is working to add Feed Wrangler support. I plan on using Reeder as soon as the app is updated. A lot of people swear by Mr. Reader but I’m waiting.

iPhone – Reeder

I’m currently using Reeder for iPhone with Fever but I’ll switch to Feed Wrangler.

iMac – Reeder

Unfortunately, until Reeder is updated to support Feed Wrangler I’m stuck using ReadKit. It works. But … it doesn’t support Buffer or ADN for sharing. I’m a Mac user so unlike Chris, I will another option when Reeder is updated.

Web –

The front end isn’t very impressive. It’s ugly compared to Feedly and Feedbin. I don’t expect I’ll be using it much once Reeder for OS X is updated.


I’ll be using (updated) Reeder for iOS and OS X with Feed Wrangler as my backend. If Feed Wrangler turns out not to meet my needs I can easily switch to Feedbin or Feedly or Fever or maybe even NewsBlur.

Can’t wait for Reeder.

My (planned) RSS Setup %name

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