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My HDR Workflow

I like HDR photography a lot. I’ve been messing around with it for a few years. Most of my efforts have been hit or miss. Not all subjects lend themselves to HDR photography and my technique and workflow is shoddy.

Recently I discovered an article by … where he detailed his workflow for creating beautiful HDR. I put the article away but only recently found the time to try out his workflow on a few of my images.

This is the original image of a fire truck for the Rocky Hill Hook & Ladder. I took the photo about a month ago a few days after Hurricane Irene blew through New Jersey. The Rocky Hill Hook & Ladder were out helping residents with flooded basements, cutting fallen trees, and keep idiot motorist off the flooded road and bridges in the area.

My HDR Workflow, 20110829 NIKON D40 3330

I started with a single RAW image and used Topaz Noise. I created four virtual copies and adjusted each +4/-4 and +2/-2 stop and then combined them in Photomatix Pro. I then tone mapped the image using Enhancer Painterly. That image is below.

My HDR Workflow, 20110829 NIKON D40 3330 DENOISE PHOTOMATIX

I then imported the resultant image into Topaz Adjust and applied one of the standard presets. I think it was crisp. The result is the following. What do you think?