One of the discussions on the Apple MobileMe iDisk forum is how to get iDisk mounted as a drive on Windows XP. While Apple has provided instructions on how to do this on Vista nothing was said about XP. The solution that worked for me was similar to the one that Apple provided for Vista and involves using the "Add Network Place" wizard.


If you’re using Windows XP, open the Explorer, click Computer, and then click “Map network drive” in the toolbar. Update: Apple has updated the MobileMe client for Windows. The instructions for Vista seem to work for Windows XP as well. Follow the instructions as above, enter[username] in the folder field, and click “Connect using a different user name.” Enter your MobileMe member name and password, and then click OK. That's it. You are done. No need to read the rest of this. Then click the link that says "Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server" to launch the "Add Network Place" wizard. Then Click OK.

Click to choose a network location and click next.


Then type[username] in the folder field, and click next.


Enter your MobileMe member name and password, and then click OK. This mounts your iDisk on your desktop, so you can work with it as you would any other hard disk.



41 thoughts on “Mounting MobileMe iDisk on Windows XP

  1. Following these steps I also go the problem where I was continually prompted for my username/password.

    Eventually I got it working by doing the following:

    1) Click on "My Computer"
    2) Click on "Map Network Drive"
    3) Click on "Connect using a different username"
    Enter your me username and password, then click 'OK'
    4) Select the Drive Letter you want to use.
    5) Enter the path \\\dave.johnston
    6) Click Finish

    • This is working fine if you take note of the following two clarifications: In point 5 you need *two* backslashs before the and *one* backslash between the and the username (here: dave.johnston). Also the username in point 3 must not have the part in it.

  2. Okay, no go for me. Actually, I should clarify.

    It works with my MobileMe account, which includes a ".", but not my father's (the one using the PC), which does not have a "."

    I, too, get stuck in a uid/pass loop... ideas?

    • hmmm... I can mount the iDisk on my XP Computer, and it apears normaly in the explorer as a network harddrive.... I can see all my files, but when I want to upload something or rename a folder anytime the same error appears.... that the folder I want to rename could'nt be found... has someone the same problems?

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