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MobileMe and Time Capsule

MobileMe and Time Capsule mobileme and time capsule

MobileMe and Time Capsule, originally uploaded by Khürt on 26th July, 2008.

I have a Time Capsule with NAT turned on. The wireless network is configured for WDS between the Time Capsule, and Airport Extreme Base Station and an AirPort Express.

I connected the MacBook directly to the Time Machine and still get the same error.

MobileMe and Time Capsule %name

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One Comment on “MobileMe and Time Capsule

  1. Does yout Time Capsule work correctly for syncronization?!? I have a problem with sync that give me this error: “sync is not possible becouse of an error, try leater or contact assistance”. If I connect my MacBook excluding TimeCapsule, everythings works good!!! Can you help me?!?

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