This is a sign that was painted above the 11th Street access to MilkBoy Philadelphia. It’s presenting direction to a location on Walnut Street. I am inquisitive. I want to know what is at 1228 Walnut Street. However, I don’t want to use mapping software to look that up. I want to walk there and learn for myself.

It was challenging to get the shot. 11 The street is a busy street, and Milkboy extends to the corner. When the traffic light is red, the line of cars blocks the view from my side of the road. There is a police car parked at the dead centre position for the shot. I tried to time the movement so that I could use any breaks in the flow, step off the curb and promptly walk around to the side of the police car and snap a shot. But the timing didn’t work. I shot this from behind the police car, timing things to shoot in between the moving vehicles on the street.

The place seems to be a popular breakfast spot for the nurses at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. I’ve seen a group here almost every workday.

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