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Midori Sushi

The restaurant has been in business for eight months but this was my first time ordering from Midori. My sister-in-law orders from Midori a lot. It’s interesting that she finds new restaurants in our town before we do. I guess we don’t eat out often.

I stopped in just after I finished up my business at the bank. It was close to lunch time and wanted to treat myself. A mini celebration of sorts. I had just won a 7 month contract with a major client. So I ordered three rolls — spicy tuna, spicy salmon and an avocado roll.

I chatted a bit with the guy who took my order. Unlike most restaurant in the area Midori does delivery and takes orders online. Online orders get a 10% discount.

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My meal was packaged in a simple but hefty brown paper bag. As I mentioned I don’t order take out often but I think this bag is better than most I’ve seen.

The restaurant provided ample amounts of soy sauce , wasabi and ginger. My meal also included a cup of miso soup. I didn’t order the soup but it was a nice surprise.

The spicy tuna and salmon wasn’t as spicy as I had hoped. The restaurant is probably catering to the typically bland North American palate.

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