Microsoft Codename Max

Microsoft Codename Max: "Microsoft Codename Max is not like any other product. That's because it's not a product, it's your opportunity to try an exciting new user experience from Microsoft." That's the marketing message on Microsoft's Max web site. Max is built on the next generation of Microsoft's WinFX Runtime Components. WinFX is Windows Vista's managed-code programming model, something I am not at all familiar with. I was never into Windows programming although I do like C# a lot. Probably because it's a lot like Java. I checked the requirements and based on the check list on the site the only requirement I lacked was the WinFX Runtime Components September CTP. According to the , "Max installs the version of WinFX Runtime Components required to work properly" so I proceeded to download and install. However, when I ran the installer I received this message. I followed the link and found the Max blog site where I soon discovered that Max is only supported on the older versions of the .Net framework. The blog had numerous post by users who were disappointed over the lack of clearly posted requirements. Common Max development team. Get your act together.