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  1. Yeah, I had meant to hold off just for general bugs, and until I could see what 32bit apps I still had on my system. But you’ve given me a whole bunch more reasons to wait! Thank you for all the posts you’ve made about this!


    • That's the challenge of language. Even words like "crunchy" can be used as a pejorative or to describe my toast. 😀

  2. You’re right, I’m in the same situation with photography as well. I guess my passion for F1 is not as strong as my passion for photography. The only content related to car I follow these days is either Grand Tour, or on Youtube. I don’t even follow WRC anymore.


  3. It’s quite obvious that Facebook’s demographic has shifted over time – my parents and people of their generation joined up in droves when they discovered that they can use it to get in touch with decades old friends and also to look at their children’s photos, something with each generation hides from the last.
    That doesn’t mean that Facebook hasn’t sweated losing the younger gen to Snapchat. They’ve been worried about it since a long time.
    The party is dying down, and Facebook as a company is noticing and crying out (that news item that they send out CTAs to the 2FA SMS numbers is true, it has started happening for me!) about it. Their prime property is ailing and dying and their only way to survive is to choke some more life out of their other properties.
    I am not saying that Facebook won’t be around 10 years from now. But in what state? God knows.Loading...


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