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May 6, 2011 – Garba

Shaadi is a Sanskrit word for wedding. Next Sunday this couple will be married. By Western standards, Hindu weddings are long, large and complicated affairs involving many and varied religious, cultural and family traditions. Indian weddings are very bright events, filled with ritual and celebration, that continue for several days. The event I attended last night is called a Garba — a kind of dance similar to many western folk dances.

I think the reason that Indian weddings take so long is that it reminds the bride and groom of the serious nature of their decision. Indian consider marriage a multi-life commitment — 7 life times. If you are going to be bound body and soul to someone for the rest of your lifetimes then the decision to marry should not to be taken lightly. Unlike most western marriages which seems focused on the bride and her “special day”, Indian weddings tend to focus on the bonds and commitments between a man and a woman and their families.
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