Mapleton Road and Carnegie Lake

Posted on Tuesday, 4th February 2014 4:00 PM EST

Before I left home this morning I packed my camera bag with my Nikkor 18-55 f/3.5-5.6. We had a lot of snow yesterday but the ploughs came late to my neighbourhood. Driving along slick snow packed roads wasn't a good idea so I stayed home. But this morning, with the roads cleared, I wanted to capture a winter scene.

I took a different route this morning. Usually, I take Blue Spring Road west to 206 South. That's normally the fastest route. But [my navigation system] suggested I go east on Blue Spring toward River Road through Kingston. Perhaps this was faster since the schools had a delayed opening and the roads had no school buses at this time.

I pulled onto Blue Spring Road and I was hit by the beauty of that scene. The golden light of the early morning sun was reflecting off the snow on this tree-lined road and it was just wonderful. I stopped to snap a photo with my iPhone but before I could focus and compose my shot I had three cars waiting for me to move. So I moved on. But I was disappointed. The scene on Blue Spring Road was better than what came later. I could have just let those cars wait.

My commute this morning took along the Plainsboro side of Carnegie Lake along Mapleton Road. There were no cars behind me so I was able to stop and take this shot from the car using vividHR on my iPhone. Not my Nikon D5100. My iPhone.

By the time I composed my shot I saw a few cars coming up the road behind me. The next photograph was taken on the corner of Mapleton Road just before it connects to Route 1 South. I had to pull over onto a side road near an apartment building.

Both photos were post-processed in Photogene. I have a scratch on my iPhone 5 lens that shows up as a purple dot on all my images. I used the healing tool in Photogene4 to remove it.

One thought on “Mapleton Road and Carnegie Lake”

  1. Camera : iPhone
    Focal length : 4.15mm
    Aperture : ƒ/2.2
    Shutter speed : 60s
    ISO : 32
    Credit : Khürt L. Williams
    Captured : 5 November, 2015

    A few weeks ago, when I looked out the window and saw the light fog hanging over the area, I knew I needed to hurry. I quickly assembled my diabetes kit, bolus for my liquid breakfast of Soylent, packed my TimBuk2 messenger bag, grabbed my iPhone 6 and Nikon D5100 and headed out the door. The tripod was already in the car.
    Driving along Blue Spring Road I noticed that the colour start to appear in the sky. A sort of reddish-orange. I headed toward Carnegie Lake intending to capture images of the fog over the lake. But as I pulled into the parking area I knew I had to do something else. I mounted the iPhone 6 on the tripod and set about capturing some images.
    After a few long exposure shots of the lake with Slow Shutter Cam I tried something new. I put myself in the image. I have only done this one time before. I knew I had to stand still to reduce ghosting since I set the shutter speed to 60 seconds.
    But as I stood there counting down the second I forgot about the image. The camera had long ago captured the image but still I stood there. Not moving. Just enjoying the scene before me. The air was crisp. For 60 seconds, no cars passed by on Route 27. For 60 seconds I could hear the sound of the lake water lapping against its bank. For 60 seconds I could hear the birds call out to each other across the lake.
    60 seconds.

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