macOS Catalina and broken stuff

The list of things broken by the new security model in macOS Catalina continues to grow.

AirMail’s bundle for handling PGP encrypted email won’t load.

The L/R Instagram plugin for Lightroom Classic no longer works. That breaks one of my workflows.

This app packed version of curl won’t run. This is from the LR/Instagram Adobe Lightroom plugin.

I was taken aback, then, when I heard from WWDC that Catalina was going to apply essentially the same security rules to command tools as it does to apps.Howard Oakley

I verified support for my hardware but Sidecar doesn’t work with my 2013 iMac and 11″ iPad Pro.

The current version of HomeBrew isn’t yet ready for macOS 10.15.

There are plenty of changes to security and privacy which you’ll need to check out, but my concern in this article is the effect of Catalina’s read-only system volume on paths – a topic which doesn’t seem to have been discussed much, but which may well break many scripts and apps.hoakley

I would suggest the following class of users avoid macOS 10.15 “Catalina”:

  • anyone using open source software
  • anyone using third-party software not notarized by Apple.
  • DJ’s and photographers dependant on popular commercial software for those industries.
  • anyone developing using anything that is not X-code.
  • anyone running 32-bit apps
  • nerds and system administrators with custom scripts.

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  1. Yeah, I had meant to hold off just for general bugs, and until I could see what 32bit apps I still had on my system. But you’ve given me a whole bunch more reasons to wait! Thank you for all the posts you’ve made about this!

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