Lord Hobo Brewing Co.'s Glorious

I am drinking a Glorious by Lord Hobo Brewing Co. @ Rocky Hill Inn.

I am in Rocky Hill Inn, drinking Glorious by Lord Hobo Brewing Co.. Lord Hobo Brewing Co. is a Micro Brewery in Woburn, MA. Glorious style is Pale Ale - American, with an ABV of 6.5% and IBU of 72. I gave Glorious a 3.75 on Untappd's 5 point rating system.

Brewer's notes

Beautifully smooth New England style pale ale. Pours a hazy, pale straw color. A double dose of much sought-after Galaxy hops gives off a silky peach-mango-grape aroma, tropical fruit flavors, and elegantly soft mouth feel.

Brewed in New England, with style. Lords and Hobos alike, we all deserve to drink like royalty.

Author: Khürt Williams

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