Acoustic Road at Working Dog Winery

Bhavna and I were at Working Dog Winery in Robbinsville to listen to our friend Matt Robinson perform in the band Acoustic Road. Matt is a guitar instructor In Skillman, Montgomery Township. Acoustic Road performs well known acoustic rock and classic rock from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

FujiFilm X-T2 | XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR
FujiFilm X-T2 | XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR

This is our first time at Working Dog Winery. After getting the lay of the land, we found a barrel to place our the picnic basket, which we had packed with cheese, salami, crackers, hummus, and corn chips. Back inside, we completed a wine tasting to get an idea of what we wanted to drink. We both agreed on a bottle of white wine, the Traminette, which is unusual since Bhavna likes dry red wines and I prefer a New England style Sour IPA.

FujiFilm X-T2 | XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR

I bought a chilli dog from the Tower Dogs food truck which was parked on the grass. The hazy New England IPA would have been a better choice to have with a chilli dog. Not so much the wine.

Speaking of dogs, Working Dog Winery is a dog-friendly winery. Most of the guests brought dogs.

My friend Ed lives in East Windsor, a nearby town, and joined us for what turned out be a beautiful day of camaraderie, wine, sun, and classic rock.

I bracketed the images and applied a Kodakchrome film-grain Lightroom preset.

FujiFilm X-T2 | XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR
Matt Robinson | FujiFilm X-T2 | XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR
Working Dog Winery

Author: Khürt Williams

I work in application security architecture and I live in Montgomery Township, New Jersey with my wife Bhavna. Passionate about photography, you’ll find me writing about cybersecurity, tropical aquariums, terrariums, hiking, craft breweries, and capturing birds on camera. My prose is like a caffeinated squirrel—fast, unpredictable, and occasionally insightful.

2 thoughts on “Acoustic Road at Working Dog Winery”

  1. Definitely a hot day out on the patio in the sun. Wasn't until closing time (how appropriate they would play that song), that the sun was on the other side of the building and it felt more comfortable.

    I got some tan and some red but my natural skin will from the island will absorb it and it will all blend in come a few days from now. I had wanted to go with a red hearty wine but at the tasting, nothing stood out. But the cool crisp and semi-sweet Riesling hit the spot.

    Always a pleasure to see the 2 of you and to hold and feel the XT2. Nice camera and yet another tempting reason to switch from DSLR to mirrorless...

    1. Bhavana enjoyed the music but wasn't a fan of the red wines. The mirrorless movement is hitting its stride. You have a lot of options for bodies. I think Fuji is the only one with a complete lens line. Check out Thom Hogan's website, Sans Mirror, for analysis of the trends. Thom is a photographer's photographer.

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