Life Stack

Aaron Parecki lays out the the tools, apps, services and other things he uses to manage his work and life. Cool idea.

Cool idea.

Author: Khürt

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    1. Daniel, for me, the idea is more akin to an actual inventory of technology I use in the present epoch than a materialistic list of possessions. My website is only 15 years old, but there are numerous technologies that I have used in my short 52 years of life on this planet. I wish I had had the foresight to document my early days with Windows XP, with Linux desktops and servers, etc. I have used and abandoned many technologies. I don’t have a visual record of my early childhood days of computing with Commodore VIC20 and Commodore 64 and Apple II. All gone.

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    1. Daniel, I agree with your assessment on one level. But I also think the exercise can be useful. For me, just thinking about the tools, software, and services I use daily or weekly help me identify areas where I need to simplify and minimize even more. And I think once you see my list of important things with explanations for why I use each thing/service, you might reconsider.

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