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Got up this morning and checked my phone only to see that I had a text from my client. The delayed opening is delayed further. This winter weather is affecting my earnings. I expect to have a 25% financial shortfall this quarter. Sigh!

I had a strange night. I went to bed around 10 PM but had difficulty falling asleep. I had weird dreams about wide-angle zoom lenses. The entire night! Perhaps because I was reading through some of the photography articles on my iPad right before bed. I’m not sure, but I didn’t like it. I woke up feeling tired.

Lensbaby Macros NIKON D5100 20140218 6967

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As I made my breakfast I thought to myself, that perhaps I needed to get something out of my system. It’s been a while since I used my camera equipment. Using the 35mm meant going outside and walking around. Perhaps I could find something inside to shoot with the 85mm. I saw the flowers on the dining table and decided to shoot that. But then I realized the 85mm has a long focusing distance. I wanted to shoot something close-up. I remembered I had Frank Veronsky’s LENSBABY Composer and macro kit.

I experimented with different f-stop settings until I found one that gave me the depth of field that I wanted. f/8 didn’t give me the results I wanted so I tried f/11 and f/16. The flowers are lit from above by three 60W daylight compact fluorescents. I shot in manual mode on a tripod and a Sekonic lighter-meter to set the exposure.

The images were processed in Adobe Lightroom and Color Efex Pro.

Lensbaby Macros NIKON D5100 20140218 6976

Camera : NIKON D5100, Focal length : 50mm, Aperture : ƒ/16, Shutter speed : 1s, ISO : 100, Copyright : Khürt Williams, [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]
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Husband, father, Information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Princeton Township, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill.

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